Yeah, I like this one.

Yes ma’am

My uncle used to be a male stripper. He was a chip whatever.


Dude, you’re not getting laid in the kitchen again. You know how that ended.

I really liked that view.










And the zinc and lemons or whatever else you’ve tried to get me to eat?

She definitely loves you, but also knows you too well. Just be lucky that I haven’t used it yet. I learned a few things on my own too.

Look it up, it works.

Yeah? are they all bad words or can you give me something else?


I still don’t trust some of your made up remedies.


Who else would’ve taught me? She also taught me ‘Zitto, tu cazzo stronzo’ in case I’d need to use it on you.

Like what? garlic fucking works.

My family loves me, they do.


Says everyone. It’s not my fault that you’re so behind on that information.



I’m not bad, I have a skill at it.

Oh she says fuck you, esuberante e io ti amo. My grandma taught you that didn’t she?


Sweets and diary will give you weird dreams.


Ouch. Don’t pull out the Italian.

Says who? how do you know a weird health thing over me?

Sto tirando fuori.