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Hardcore, huh?

What?! No! No. You’re crazy.

Don’t I look like a badass to you?

The best people are.


Weak in the knees? Can’t stay up past 9 now? Nah, I’m just kidding.

Well, you got your answer. 

You know me well. It was actually more cops and parole. 

You’re a punk.

Uh, yeah, sure. It’s totally obvious. Super wild, I’m sure.


Hmm…no. Because if I tell you what it is you might think it’s weird because it does sound weird so you have to go in blind. I can tell you that it’s half iced tea, half milk, and it has boba in it.

I was back in the day when i was youthful and full of life.

Well what the hell is a boba? can I google it?

Basically— yeah. Dude is two hours away from here with his new girlfriend and her kids, and I can’t even get so much as a post card.


I’m sorry. man.

I’d say you’re better off if that’s how it is.. but I know it’s still your dad. Did you talk to your mom about it?


Malibu. The douche has been living with this new chick of his from rehab in Malibu.


Malibu? the fuck? while you pay your own way here?


So not feeling this shit man…


What’s going on?



Please don’t talk about the biker group. Don’t make me acknowledge it. You deserve a good prank. 

I will be apart of it, this is a goal.

You don’t wanna start that with me. I was once the king of pranks, you know what Josh and I are capable of.

One of my many fine qualities, right?


I’ll be sure to tell my dad that you plan to follow in his footsteps. He’ll be so proud of you. That’s mean. I hope he did something horrible to your toothbrush for that one.


He’ll let me in the biker gang and give me a non offensive nick name. Don’t wish that on me. 


Somewhat. I like trying new things. Are you?

I just don’t get the feud, it’s not that big of a deal.

I used to be, you could say my exploring caught up with me.

It’s just a make or break question.